2012 Vacation Day 7 - love the MOMA...

Well, the walking has caught up to us. Not only are the feet sore, but the body is tired as well.
Ordered room service breakfast and started to pack up. We are going to check out, leave our bags in the hotel and wander around 5th Ave. area today. We had thoughts of biking around Central Park this morning, but the body was simply not interested.

We made our way to the Museum of Modern Art, one of our must see attractions. Of course, checked out a few shops along the way. MOMA is a great museum, with an amazing and eclectic collection. The building is 6 stories high, and is equally well designed as the objects and art inside it. This is truly our type of museum. We were lucky they allow photography, as we were able to capture some images of pieces we enjoyed.

Art? Really? I looked for the pit, nowhere to be found...

a suspended Bell helicopter... the first with a bubble cockpit
Browsed through their design store, where Dale spied a nice looking watch, which ultimately is making its way back to Ottawa with us. Grabbed a classic NY pretzel from street vendor for a quick snack.

Made our way back to the hotel, where we picked up our bags and grabbed a cab to Penn Station. Caught the 2:15 train back to Farmingdale, which only took about 50 minutes. We were a bit anxious about coming back, as we had heard that the storm yesterday was quite severe on Long Island. Our only real concern was about the awning, which in a high wind, may have come loose. Caught a cab outside the station and were back in minutes. Sure enough, the awning had shaken loose a pole, but was none worse from the storm. The Alto was really warm, even with a couple of windows open it was 107 degrees! Thankfully we have A/C and it eventually got down to a normal temperature.
Got all unpacked, fired up the Q and put together a pizza, then just simply chilled.


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