2012 Vacation Day 3 - Sunday: onto the Isle...

Up and out early. Our ferry reservation is for 1:30 out of Bridgeport Connecticut, but we are pretty close to Bridgeport so we want to see if we can catch an earlier one. Nice drive cross country, lots of estate type homes, long stretches of roads where the trees are totally covering the road, offering wonderful coolness to the drive.
There is some seroius coin in Connecticut, and the houses show it. Another thing, not many For Sale signs, unlike other areas of the States which are peppered with them. It seems the downturn may not have impacted them much. Arrived in Bridgeport shortly after 10:00 am, so the trip was about an hour. Hopped on the 10:30 ferry, which put us 3 hours ahead of schedule... perfect. Really nice ferry ride of about an hour.

We talked to a nice couple from Boston, who had a really cute ittle dog. It was a mix of bichon frieze and szitzu (also called a teddy bear dog). A perfect size, nice reddish colour, and smart as a whip. Had a good conversation with them...lovely people.
The ferry is a great way to save a ton of driving time. Not cheap, as our one way trip with the trailer and two people ran us $119 bucks, but well worth the money to miss driving all around NYC to get to Long Island.

dude with white sunglasses... the big Lebowski???
Rolled off the ferry just before noon. Our new netbook, loaded with MS Streets & Maps, has been fabulous for navigating. I ran down the battery somewhat, and used the inverter while driving to charge it back up. Perfect. We took the 25A across the top of Long Island, avoiding any sort of turnpike as best we could. It was a nice drive, averaging about 80klm hr, winding our way though many little towns. Stopped for lunch in Stony Brook, and fired up the wi-fi to check the mail. When we left a young couple approached us about the Alto. She had seen it featured in some sort of organic design magazine she reads, had pointed it out to her husband at the time, and was surprised to find one right in front of her in her hometown and had a very nice chat with them.  They gave us some good tidbits on what towns and beaches to visit.

There is a certain affluence to Long Island which is instantly evident. In Northport, we saw a couple of Rolls Royces, a Bentley, a Lambo and a Ferrari... all in one town. Almost seems like a Bimmer is a winter beater down here! Once we were above Hicksville, we headed south to Plainview where our campground is. Our campground is a municipal run affair, and looks to be ok. Lots of assorted campers here, from seasonals to gorgeous big rigs. Our little row contains a mix of both. A group of men across from us are enjoying more than a 'few' this afternoon, but appear harmless. Their rig looks quite nice, which is a good sign. We are exposed to the full sun, so we put the awning up to give the interior a little shade.
Relaxed the rest of the evening and did a little research on New York City. Tomorrow we are planning to take a run to Fire Island since it is close by and the only day we can go there, since we head to NYC for two nights and onto the other end of Long Island afterwards.


  1. Jim and Dale, first it was great meeting you at the rally! Your Long Island trip captured my imagination so I visited your blog (not the first time!) this afternoon. Just wanted to let you know I found it...just started reading through. Hope you are enjoying Outer Banks this evening! Barbara

    1. It was great meeting you guys as well. The rally was so much fun. Really enjoyed the Outer Banks, especially Ocracoke Island. Such a unique area.