2009 Vacation Day 13 - Are We in Niagara Falls?

Big drive today...from the very tiny NH coast line to the very large Lake George. Given the distance, we had to hit the freeways...our normal scenic route would have taken us all day. One thing I have noticed is that travel time while towing a trailer is about double. Although I am doing the speed limit or slightly below...it all just seems to take longer. There were some fabulous vistas coming across NH & Vermont...long rolling roads.

Finally got into Lake George, at the bottom end of town. About 100 yards into the main street...one could pretty much think they were driving through Niagara Falls...wax museums and all! Tons of classic tourist trap shops, arcades and themed restaurants. The poor sap stuck in the Frankenstein suit waving to the passing cars sealed the deal that this was indeed a tourist commercialized town. The beach and lake itself is thankfully not overrun with this overt tackiness.

Our campsite was a really nice family run affair. The owner, and family were quite hospitable and friendly. Our site was nested amongst the tall pines. Cooked up some dinner on the Q and pretty much chilled.


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