2009 Vacation Day 15 - Lost in Longueil...AGAIN!

So this is the last day of the Been There Dumped That blog. All posts earlier than this one chronicle our first trip in the Alto... a 2 week excursion to Cape Cod, in a rented Alto. All posts after this one are under a new blog called Route Alto 80... which is where you are now. 80 is the production number of our very own Alto.

What to hell is with this...granted, I did miss the exit...which was not entirely my fault as the signage is the shits...however, going one exit further should not land you in what may as well have been another planet. Now, my internal compass is pretty good, but in Longueil, all it seems to take is a few blocks of travel on what is definitely totally disjointed urban planning to throw me right off. Crazy.

So we arrive back at the start point and drop the Alto off. The end of an amazing foray into the world of travel trailers.

We saw a lot, talked to a lot of great people, the little Alto attracted a lot of attention and through the whole two weeks we had a lot of fun. Pretty much sums up this vacation.


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