2011 Vacation Day 9 - Saturday: Traversing Traverse City...

Today is an explore Traverse City day. So glad we tacked on another day here, as the dunes tour ate up most of yesterday. We do love exploring new places, all the different stuff to see.. people, shops, restaurants. Snagged a primo parking spot right downtown by the old cinema. A couple of guys were out putting up the new marquee letters, so we chatted with them a while. They are resisting the change to an electronic sign because they figure it would take away from the character of the old movie house... how right they are!

 Made our way to a local coffee place, loaded up on joe, and logged onto their wireless. Lots of places around that offer free wireless, which is great for travellers. Got the blog up to date, then stashed the laptop back into the Santa Fe to start wandering the streets. Lots of cool shops. Went into a really neat outdoor store, and bought a few nifty little gadgets I had never seen before. Love discovering new things, there are some pretty sharp folks out there inventing little niche items. Dale found more shops that were right up her style alley, and of course, made a few purchases.
 The past few days I have seen a number of guys walking around with really cool looking M22 t-shirts. Not sure what it was supposed to signify, and even though yesterday we were on a county road called M22 on the way to the dunes, I did not make the connection. So when I saw a little shop called M22, in the same distinctive logo, I knew there must be something to it. Sure enough, it is all about that particular road, and the amazing countryside that it weaves through. As I liked the look of the tee, I bought one, cause it's so cool.
Found a simply amazing antique shop on Union street. This place is filled with all sorts, not a ragtag assortment, but all really interesting stuff. A little bit of everything. Naturally, being America, it had a couple of glass showcases filled with a wide assortment of old pistols and rifles. Although most were old, I certainly would not want to to looking down the wrong end of any of them! Some of the pistols look downright huge...

An M-16 clip anyone???
We decided to stop for a beer, and found a neat place called "The Right Brain". It is a micro brewery in the warehouse area off the main drag. Kinda small scale industrial looking, one open space with tall tables and stools, sofas, lazy boys, and a big L shaped bar. As you walk in, there is a huge collection of colourful personalized beer mugs, which we soon discovered were owned by the regulars ar the bar. People would walk in, find their mug, and belly up to the bar and have it filled. The place only serves light munchies, but you are welcome to bring your own food, or have takeout delivered, to the bar. How cool is that? A very funky spot, and the beer was great.

We had found a nice little place earlier called Poppycocks, which is where we decided to have dinner. It has a really interesting menu. We both had the special, which was a pesto/alfredo linguine with chicken. Dale had a nice salad, while I had a chorzio bean soup, which was outstanding. Herbed pan rolls were also served, which conjured up memories of the Maritimes, one of the few places that seem to make this doughy delicacy. Dinner was awesome.

Pulling into our site, we found a couple having a real good look at the Alto. This no longer surprises us at all. Real nice people, from Battle Creek MI. Had a great chat with them, about the Alto and camping in general. Then another couple wandered over and we visited with them as well. Then another couple. The last couple still tent, but she is trying to convince her husband to get a little trailer to have a little more comfort. She was really excited about the Alto. As the Alto is only being sold to Canadian residents, we always try to work that into the conversation, in case someone gets really interested.

As we head out tomorrow morning, we packed away the shower and the chairs, and got things squared away outside. This will save some time.


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