2011 Vacation Day 10 - Sunday: Pancake Bay on Lake Superior, a spectacular bay...

On the road by 8:30. Rain is just starting to fall, and the clouds in the direction we are heading look pretty black. Nice road, going through a number of little towns, just how we like to travel. Just this side of Petrosky, the skies opened up real heavy, really heavy. Traffic was light and we were able to slow down. It got so bad, that when I spotted a little auto garage, I swung right in and stopped. We sat there for a good 20 minutes while the rain just pounded.
Stopped in Petrosky at a cool cafe, and grabbed a couple of sandwiches and coffee to go. Arrived at the border in The Soo at about 2:00, not bad given our stops. Our border guy seemed a tad indifferent, not even bothering to take our passports out of my hand. Asked a couple of cursory questions then waved us on. All that parnoid preparation last night was wasted. Loaded up on groceries at a big Loblaws, then started out again. The park is about an hour past Soo. Classic northern Ontario scenary along Hwy 17.

Pulled into the Park and found our site. It is a primo. Right on the beach, across a little gravel road actually, but that's just a technicality. We angled the Alto to maximize our view of Lake Superior, but before we were done, a big rain cloud went over and it rained for a good 1/2 hour. Finished setting up, then headed for the beach. The beach is awesome, a giant U-shape (hence the name), and we have a nice little path right down to the water. Lots of dune grass, then a wide expanse of sand next into the water. Water temp seems OK, hopefully there will be some sun for a swim tomorrow.

We ate dinner while sitting on the beach in our chairs within the dune grasses, watching the sun go down.  Everyone along the shore was out as well, but there are huge distances between all of us. A tad different than the past few days.
 Certainly cooler now, as our little temperature gauge was reading 63F when we arrived. It is going to be a duvet evening, and the heat pump will be needed to take the chill off. A massive motor home rolled up to the site across the way from us. Big diesal rumbling in the still of the woods. Plus, it was pulling a pickup truck! Why a pickup truck? We've seen cars and even big Escalade SUV's being towed, but I cannot figure out a pickup truck. Difficult time getting into their site, made only slightly easier when they shed the pickup. The thing is so big, that his wife communicates instructions to him using a walkie-talkie. Bizarre, but of course, to each, their own.


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