2011 Vacation Day 13 - Wednesday: Killarney Provincial Park...granite everywhere

Rained most of last night, at times heavy. Up and out relatively early, stopped for gas and were on the road by 8:30. Light rain all the way, low heavy clouds make for a seriously dull day. Good for driving though. About an hour to Sudbury, then took the  bypass to connect to Hwy 69, then Hwy 637. From the turn onto 637, it is still 60klm to Killarney, through a pretty knarly landscape.
Although paved, the road is marginal at best, lots of undulating and bumpy areas. Very easy to bore of this quickly. Hopefully the destination will be worth it.

Pulled into the Park a little after 10:30. Not sure why, but we were expecting the park to be along the shores Lake Huron, it is on a lake, but the Lake is called George. Big park, very heavy with trees and foliage. Made our way to the site and it is awesome. It is nestled back off the road, gives us total privacy and overlooks the lake. As we are very early arriving, we are lucky that last night's campers have already pulled out. We have our own huge pink granite rock formation that is simply spectacular and allows a great overlook of the lake. Backing in was a bit of a task, as it was like a long curved driveway. No problem though, backing up has become almost second nature. Skies are still real heavy, and one of our neighbours says there is a tornado watch in effect.

The view from our rock...
 Got settled in, then headed into town. Again, we were sort of expecting a vibrant tourist town, but it is actually kind of a sleepy fishing village. Not much here at all. A couple of general stores, a little sports bar catering to the boating crowd, and a couple of marine garages. In retrospect, perhaps this makes sense, it is quite the drive in here. We did find the famous fish & chip stand. Looks like it has been there forever, housed in a converted old school bus. Apparently the fish & chips are excellent, and that is all they offer. This will be dinner tomorrow night, so we will see for ourselves. It will be interesting how it stacks up with our 2 favorites so far...Barb's in Victoria and Richard's in P.E.I. Just realized that our favorite fish & chips places are at the opposite ends of the country, but this makes sense as they are both on oceans. Wandered around a bit, found a little bakery that made giant size sticky buns, bought a couple, then headed back to the site as the skies are looking even darker. The buzz in town is all about the tornado watch, hopefully that won't happen!

Walked the campsite. It is pretty wet and humid at the moment, but people are starting to emerge out of their campers and tents. Some sites along the shoreline have excellent views as well. The lake is quite appealing, with the rose coloured granite shoreline and the craggy trees. Very classic scenery.

 We have decided to rent tomorrow some fiberglass sea kayaks for the day from the local outfitters, and paddle around the lake. Dale has selected a nice Necky and I picked a Current Design 'Soltice', a classic.  Dinner tonight was a cobbled together effort, then a quick shower. Once again, the facilities are first rate, nothing like a powerful shower to make you feel new again. Took a few sunset afterglow shots from our rock, as the skies are starting to get lighter. Although the tornado watch is apparently still in effect, we think it has passed us by.


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