2017 Trip 3: this one's a keeper

Trip 3: Silver Lake PP - June 2017

We enjoyed a great spot by the water this weekend. We spied this particular site from above last year, literally. We were on the next site over, which was perched on a hill, and through the trees, we could see that the site below us had great potential. When it came time to reserve this year, it was on our list of sites to try this year. Sure enough, it did not disappoint.

The site is right beside the water, open, yet with some shade cover, and has a nice little beach area. It is at the end of a longish driveway, with a sharp left onto the site. Perfect to back up the Alto and get the windows positioned towards the water, and it also means there is no camper traffic.

nice and quiet site

The weather started out pretty spotty on Friday, but that never deters us, we head out regardless. Why risk missing out on a nice weekend based on weather reports that of late, seems based more on finger in the wind guessing than any sort of science. It was pretty quiet in the campground, and no doubt, the weather forecast played a factor.


Saturday brought a nice day relative to the weather we have been getting up to now, so I spent a couple of hours leisurely giving the Alto its yearly coat of wax. I have done this while camping the past number of years, as it allows me to get most of the job done, and only leaves the very top to be waxed at home with the ladder. It is amazing the amount of fine grime that the waxing process removes, and it helps keeping it looking like new. Like waxing a car, I'm a big believer in this relatively simple, albeit elbow grease dependent maintenance job. At the same time I gave all the rubber seals a good treatment with the conditioner, another simple task, and just as important to do.

The afternoon was spent lounging around in the sun. We waded out in the water a bit, but only the hardiest of souls would have attempted a full swim. Great to have a nice sandy bottom, and we will have to get back here later in the season to really enjoy this site.

professional relaxer

We noticed we were sharing the site with some caterpillars, lots of them. Wondering where they were coming from, we looked around closely and many of them seemed to be descending from the big pine tree. There were no visible nests, just lots of them hanging from invisible threads. When you stop to think about it, these little guys are able to produce enough silk for these threads to lower themselves all the way to the ground, and in this case, from high up a fairly tall tree. A little Google research also revealed that this is not only a way for them to leave the treetop, but is used as a defensive maneuver as well. Apparently, when they detect a predator nearby they will leap off whatever they are clinging to, and then dangle from their silk thread until the danger passes...or so they hope. Now that is pretty cool.

a classic red pine

a little light play on the water

A simple day was followed by a simple dinner. We had picked up a vacuum packed pulled pork delicacy from that super cool butchery we found in Toronto. We just knew that it would come in handy on a camping trip. We made up a few sliders, a side of crunchy slaw, and a cold beer made for an effortless dinner. Later in the evening I got to test out a tiny mod I recently installed, which will be detailed in a separate post.

It was pretty cool both nights, but the Propex furnace kept the camper nice and toasty. I am still very impressed with the efficiency of the Propex for a furnace the size of a shoebox. It seems to only just sip both the propane and the amp/hrs, which is a huge bonus.  It was a perfect site for solar, lots of time for the panels to get some full sun, yet the site still had areas which were always in the shade for us. Between the furnace keeping us warm and watching a really crappy movie, the battery never dropped below 92%, the Trimetric solar controller and monitor just doing their thing to keep that battery in good shape.

Sunday morning was very overcast, and a huge band of black clouds were peeking over the horizon. We decided to slowly start to pack up, and were on the road home by 10am. A nice relaxing weekend, and a welcome discovery of a new favourite site. Our addiction to waterfront sites clearly continues!


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