Checking the Spare

I knew it was under there, but for some reason, had never really explored how it was attached. It was on my list this spring to check the pressure in the spare, and figure out how it was hanging there, two things that would make a roadside flat a little easier to cope with.

Pretty simple hanger mechanism that Safari Condo has created. A threaded rod runs through the centre opening of the rim, and turned onto this rod is a 1x1 block of UHMW, which is the black plastic material you see used to make assorted pieces throughout the Alto. This piece screws onto the threaded rod, and either raises or lowers the spare. Centering the rim is a brilliant piece of engineering...a hockey puck! Yup, a puck. Now how ingenious is that.

the puck...more than just for scoring goals.
The rod is long enough that if you unscrew the block almost all the way, the spare will hang just low enough to get at the valve. Checked it with my gauge, and sure enough, it was down to 20lbs pressure. Not surprising as it has not been checked for over 5 years. Filled it up using the bicycle pump, then raised it back into place. Now that I know how easy it is to check and fill, I think it will become a regular spring check.


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