Adding a little comfort

We have always found the bench foam a little too firm for sleeping, great for being a bench though. We have tried a variety of things to try to get a little more comfort for us while sleeping, even a few memory foam pillows that Dale would perch upon. Not overly conducive to a nice relaxed sleep. We figured a topper was the ultimate solution, but always wondered what to do with it during the day. They are not overly storage friendly. Then we saw how Lissa stores their topper as a bolster along the back window, and figured we would give it a try.

We found a nice 2 1/2 inch thick topper, a nice coordinating duvet cover, pulled out the sewing machine and started sewing. With a little pressure applied when rolling, we can get it down to a good size. It seemed to do the job the first weekend out, a nice comfortable sleep, and when rolled and used as a bolster, it is an awesome back rest. We are thinking we have found our solution for a comfortable sleep.


  1. What mattress topper did you buy? It looks good and could almost disappear if you drop the rear bench.

    1. It is a 2.5" Tempur-pedic. They are a little more expensive, but the foam quality is excellent. It works great as a bolster when rolled up.