An Update on the Furnace

After using the furnace as few times in cold weather, we soon realized that its output was barely enough to warm the Alto, let alone get it to a cozy level. There is more volume of space to heat than a Westfalia, perhaps just a little too much more. Fortunately Propex does make a larger model, with an output of 9800BTU, which is almost half as much more than the model we have. We contacted the dealer and were able to come to a fair arrangement to swap for the larger version. In hindsight, this should have been our first choice, but I suspect I was concerned with the fitting the larger version into such a small place. Turns out those concerns were mute, it fits just fine. Modified the holes through the floor a bit, and this allowed the furnace to sit correctly, as the stainless steel tubes are a little larger. Other than that, all my previous work was reusable.


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