2011 Trip 11: Closing the cottage...

White Lake - Oct 2011

This Thanksgiving weekend we are heading to Cedar Cove Resort on White Lake. Sadly, our last camping trip of the year. We opened the Alto here in the spring, so we figured why not go back and close it here.
We like this campground since their short term sites are next to the edge of the lake, is close to Ottawa,and has the services we want to do the winterizing job. We took off Saturday morning as we are only staying the 2 nights. The weekend weather forecast is fabulous, highs in the 80 degrees.

Fellow Alto owner Terri will be there, as well as her friend Ann. Ann has a "Little Guy", a traditional teardrop. We met Ann earlier in the camping seaon at Silver Lake.  Both Terri and Ann are big kayakers. Terri has a nice kayak and Ann has a Greenland designed wood kayak,...a beauty.  Terri is winterizing her Alto as well, and I am going to help her with it. Set up in a different site this time, slightly above where we were before. Good spot, with a nice view of the lake.
Got parked and hooked up, then pretty much chilled in the sun. Went for a bike around the camp, and spoke to a young couple that had a home built 'red' teardrop. Classic.
Cool sign on the side...
and notice the classic bottle opener...
Neat to have 4 teardrops in one spot. Late afternoon the four of us sat on a dock in the sun, with munchies and a G & T before getting dinner ready.  Dinner was pot luck, with steaks being the meat of choice. Sat around outside for the longest time, then did the washing up and moved inside for pumpkin pie. Chatted for a bit, then called it a night.

Not too cool last night, only went down to 56F. Put the little space heater on for a bit to put the boots to the morning chill. Does not take long for it to warm the whole Alto up to nice and toasty. Lounged around in the morning, visited with the neighbours, then poked around at a few things. Dale wandered down to the beach and went it up to her waist and splashed around.  It ended up being a high of 84F today, pretty amazing!
I scooted around on my Dahon. Walked the docks looking at the various boats, and took a few photos of this old school Evinrude outboard motor. This has got to be from the early 50's. Probably tons of trolling miles on this old guy.
The couple with the red teardrop moved in beside us, they were surrounded by big seasonals, so now there are 4 teardrops in one spot. It is very apparent that we all share the same trailering philosophy... smaller is better, have just enough trailer to meet your needs. This couple have been eyeing Ann's "Little Guy", and sounds like he would like to move up to one of those. No Lazy Boys and dining room sets in this crowd.

Look closely and you will see 4 teardrops...
Meeting Dale's parents in Almonte for dinner at J.R's. Missed a turn on the way there, so Dale consulted her backroads Ontario map and found we were actually taking a backroad to Almonte. One always starts to worry a bit when the pavement turns to gravel road, not knowing where you are headed. Dinner was excellent, we all had the turkey buffet, and it was very nice. Dark by the time we headed back, and just before arriving at the campsite, Dale spotted a mother and baby deer mutching on branches at the side of the road. I slowed right down and stopped right beside them. They certainly showed no fear of the car or us, and after a bit, just turned around and meandered back into the bush. They were probably only 10 feet from us. Easy to understand why so many of them get hit by cars, one leap and they would be right in front of you. Woke up in the middle of the night. The moon was almost full, and combined with the clear sky and no trees blocking the glow, it was really bright in the Alto. The moonlight was just streaming in. So bright, that is was casting shadows around our campsite. Simply awesome.

Got up to coffee, dropped down to 55F last night, but again the heater did it's trick. Another beautiful day. Makes it hard to come to the realization that the season is over.  Got the coffee going, and breakfast is scrambled eggs and leftover grilled veggies. Started to clean the Alto up a bit before winterizing. We are not going to do a deep clean, as this will probably need to be done after we get back from the upgrades.


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