2010 Trip 3: Old Stomping Grounds

Bonnechere Provincial Park -  June 2010

Headed out late Friday, traffic pretty heavy as it is rush hour and everyone is probably eager to start the weekend. Weather for the weekend calls for it to be rain, but we are going regardless, and will deal with what appears. It's not difficult to head out when the weather is fine, if it was really pouring Friday afternoon, then one may tend to think twice. Trip was about 2.5 hours, along very familiar roads. It was almost like being on autopilot. Arrived around 7:30pm. Really nice PP, big sites, reasonable space and privacy between. Our site is excellent, nothing on 3 sides of us and a single neighbour on the right.  Nice deep site so we backed the Alto in quite a bit.

We used the awning for the first time, as rain is definitely on the offing. Right away we noticed a number of small improvements they have made. It slides into a groove that runs along the curve of the roof. Best to install it when the roof is down, and they have added a long strap to the starting end...so that you can use it to pull the awning along the groove. Great for when the roof is up, or even if you happen to be alone.  The other improvement is the addition of loops and straps to allow the awning to be rolled and stored along the roof line while installed. This is a great idea, particularly if you are going to be at a site for a while and may not want the awning out, but still want it available. The awning does reduce the light coming in that side of the Alto, but a small price to pay for the convenience of having some protect from the rain, as it is big enough to accommodate a picnic table, and the Q.

Dinner was pasta. Dale made up a basic tomato, garlic, basil sauce which was very tasty. Sure enough, the rain came in the evening...and very steady. We were well ensconced by that time though. We had rented a couple of vids from Video Bob in preparation for potentially a weekend inside. We watch one on the life of Georgia OKeefe, starring Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen. It was pretty good. The tv/dvd combo unit is pretty handy to have. The rain falling on the roof it quite sedating...very easy to fall asleep to. A massive trailer pulled in beside us about 10 pm...would not want to be setting up in the dark and the rain, but sometimes you have no choice.

Morning brought a rainy, dull day. Actually perfect for us as we want to explore Killaloe and Golden Lake, check out the cottage etc... Killaloe is pretty sleepy now. A Freshmart, ACE Hardware and of course...Afelskie Shoes! The store has been there for ages, although it seems to have been revitalized with younger ownership...probably the son, as Mr Afelskie seemed to be wandering around as well. Drove the Ruby Road to Golden Lake...sights seen in the past are still there...the old rusting out truck in the field, the huge knarly dead tree, the guy who sells the heavy horses, all the same. Drove into the cottage, right around to the point. A few new places have gone up, but more seem to have fallen into disrepair. Many are slowly being absorbed back to the earth...one, which I know was new, relatively anyways, now has a roof thick with pine needles and green moss, long ago boarded up windows, and the lot is totally overgrown with little trees and brush. How does this happen? Who now owns this place...does anyone actually own this now? Others appear to be one small step from the same fate. Our old cottage seems OK...many changes, as it is now a full time home, but the property seems cared for. Nice.

Checked out Golden lake...

drove into the Hotel, which is now pretty much just a little flea market and a collection of decripid abandoned cars. An old guy wandered out to see us...I suspect he was the owner. Efforts to elict even a little conversation from him were met with relative silence. Oh well...
Saw this sign in Golden Lake...I know a couple of brothers that could give the locals a run for their money...

Drove down the Gold Crest Road and stopped at Red Pine Camp. There were a few people there getting it ready for the season. I think the place is now run as a sort of co-op...one buys shares and that entitles you to time at the camp. Wandered down to the big dock, which gives you a good view of lake. The dock is huge...and has been there forever. Found some classic waterfront scenes.

By the time we got back,the weather had cleared and it was almost G&T time.

Sorted out dinner...steak, baked potato and green beans. Dessert was strawberries and cream.

Checked out the beach after dinner...quite large, coarse orangey/pink sand with a nice shallow slope into the water. Definitely nicer than Silver Lake.

Sunday is looking nice...clear skies with some clouds. The chap next door has just sat on the picnic table with his guitar. He is singing a repetoire of Sunday morning bible songs...starting out with Jesus Walk with Me...he plays quite well and has a good voice...nice addition to the ambiance of the morning. Went to the beach to catch some rays and go for a swim. Water not too bad. Headed back to the Alto and Dale made some sandwiches while I started to get the Alto hitched up. Pulled out around 2:00. Made the obligatory stop at the dumping station, emptying the tanks. I also started the routine of pouring any left over fresh water quickly down the toilet, to help flush that tank. No point lugging that water all the way home. Stopped at Wes's on the way for fires. Classic chip stand in Arnprior, always good. Stopping for fries also seems to have become a routine...and why not?

So overall, a good weekend.


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